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      3. Ewellix產品



        • 通過調整導風板可節省最多 3% 燃油消耗

        • 操作快速安全

        • 性能可靠,幾乎無需維護


        • 多位置耳軸支架

        • 手動和電氣版本,向后兼容

        • 經測試適用于公路車輛和牽引車

        • IP67/69K

        Ewellix electromechanical CAWD actuators are engineered to operate in severe environmental conditions at temperatures from -40 to +85 °C even with ice and feature robust metal gears encapsulated in a corrosion-resistant housing offering IP69K/67 protection rating. The CAWD series linear actuators are available in 2 versions, for manual operation by winch or for an electrical operation controlled by a switch. by winch or for an electrical operation controlled by a switch, their stroke length could be customized up to 430 mm and they feature a trunnion mount with multiple position which simplify the standardization. They are virtually maintenance-free and self-locking up 2500 N. If you have any questions about the applications of these actuators, please contact your Ewellix local representative through our for advice and additional information. 伊維萊的機電CAWD驅動器可在-40至+85°C的嚴苛環境運行,甚至在結冰的情況下也可以正常運轉。以耐腐蝕外殼封裝堅固的金屬齒輪,防護等級達到IP69K/67。CAWD系列線性驅動器有2個版本可供選擇,其可通過軟軸進行手動操作,也可通過開關控制電氣操作??啥ㄖ谱畲鬄?30mm的行程長度,提供多位置耳軸安裝架,便于簡化標準化工作?;緹o需維護,自鎖力達2500N。

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